Our production center is located in Loeches (Madrid), where we have excellent facilities and modern machinery to develop our functions for research, production and distribution of our products.


  • Total Area ———————————- 11.000 m2
  • Constructed Area ————————— 6.000 m2
  • Offices Area ———————————650 m2
  • Common areas (dining room, locker rooms, …) —-600 m2

Common areas (dining room, locker rooms, …)

  • Raw materials (fresh / frozen) ————– 900 m3
  • Finished product (fresh / frozen) ——— 1.450 m3
  • Auxiliary Material —————————————2.950 m3


More than 100 people are part of the great family La Pila Food, qualified in each of their specialties employees who have spent years with us and whose efforts drive us to continue working to provide quality products, directed to satisfy the needs of modern lifestyle.


We have a modern laboratory approved by the Community of Madrid, endowed with the necessary instruments for the microbiological analysis of the products, controls reception of raw materials, analytical batch manufacturing, among other tasks.


La Pila Fun Food