That is why the Research and Development is a Department that from La Pila Food S.A. spoil as a testbed for new containers, cuts, sizes and flavors, and through which we also try to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, always trying to stay one step ahead of them.

Thus, in this facet, we join our experience with professionals with a long career in the industry, along with a continuous observation of market trends, both in Spain and outside Spain, renovating in some cases, or new products, exclusive on many occasions and national market leaders.

All this focus on building loyalty among final consumers with our brand, making them feel attracted to our specialties, which will certainly help in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

In recent years we are developing and implementing continuous improvements in our production processes, ever more mechanized and committed with  RTD + i, with the ultimate objective of providing solutions to our customers, be efficient and get quality certificates with which create greater value added to all our references.


LA PILA FOOD S.A. it is synonymous with quality and food safety. We have always strived pursued this objective: quality raw materials, quality in processes, quality on the finished product.

Our productive structure and the specialization of our team allows us to ensure the quality of our products thanks to the integrated control of different organoleptic, bacteriological and physiochemical aspects. The process is full traceability from raw materials to delivery of products to customers. This is made possible by keeping the identification of raw materials and ingredients involved in the composition during the manufacturing process.

Through a strict processing and controls applied to each stage of the process we obtain products of the highest quality and food safety.



La Pila Fun Food