It was founded by García’s family in 1942 in Navalperal de Pinares, Ávila. In 1979, Dr. Tomas Garcia, opened a new production line in San Antonio Velilla, Madrid.

Opening butchery in 1957 “LA PILA” in the market Anton Martin, in the heart of Madrid.

In 1979, Dr. Tomas Garcia, opened a new production line in San Antonio Velilla, Madrid.

The next step for the company, in the early 90s, was the foray into the HORECA sector, but not through traditional restoration, but through the first echoes of what was known outside our frontiers as Food Service, and it proves all the entertainment areas in malls in our country. We started working in this subsector of the modern restoration, applying our products in pizza chains, Italian restaurants, hamburger or thematic breweries.

In 2005, its production moved to the current location of Loeches, with more than 5000 m2 factory, within a plot of 11.000m2.

Due to changes in consumer habits in Spanish society, “La Pila Food s.a” adapts and 2010 started to expand its product range and, with the growth of modern distribution of Spain (Supermarket, Hypermarket, Department Stores,) we have been adapting our references to more individualized formats and target a more demanding and aware public.

From the 2015 La Pila Food S.A, it is immersed in a process of expansion and improvement of processes, with the confidence to keep on one hand, its range of dishes prepared at major convenience stores in our country; and secondly, to continue taking steps to become the most important supplier of raw materials to food services companies in the world (professionals in the Hospitality Restoration sector) and industrial.

Through all these years, we have made lots of clients, some of them for more than 10 years. This is mainly thanks to our ability to adapt, the quality, speed of service.



La Pila Fun Food